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Digital Fine Art Manipulation (Composites)

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Digital fine art manipulation is my definition of a composite image, which is to separately take a variety of photos
 and carefully place them together to make a complete scene.

Sounds simple, right? But in order for this concept to be a success, it has to be well thought out.

The GetawayThe Getaway   My theme for this image was to reveal a fictitious bank robbery, realistic in a comical way, yet, still obviously fictitious. 



I needed a building (preferably a bank) that had an old time look and feel to it, so I set out to find one near me in Covington, Ky. Although, this building wasn't a bank, it appeared to have been at one time. This shot was taken mid-morning and I was fortunate to have minimum street activity giving me plenty of room to add the needed components.


Bike DEC_0565Bike DEC_0565




My initial intention was to use a Harley Davidson motorcycle, but since I already had this image of a 2013 Yamaha Stryker, I decided to use it especially since I liked the look of this bike. The position and lighting were good so it would work out well. Now, I need a rider !!!








Me DEC_2660Me DEC_2660


Since I don't own a motorcycle, I had to create the simulation of me riding one. It's rather difficult to photograph ones self. Expression, position of feet, hands and just overall body language can be a tedious task. 

I set up a fan to my left to simulate wind blowing my hair, as though I was riding down the highway. I had the camera on a tripod, and held a wireless shutter remote in my left hand to capture an image of myself. My expression was to simulate my hair blowing in the wind while my head was being pulled back by my son (Devin) as he was attempting to get on the moving bike.



Body DEC_2644Body DEC_2644



I captured Devin running with a pellet gun in his right hand while his left hand and arm were up in a position to grab the back of my head. Although, it ended up taking three different images of Devin to get the proper expression and body language that I desired.  I used one photo of him running. A different one for his facial expression.  And a third image for his eyes, because in all of the photos I took he was looking at the camera when he should have been looking more forward toward my head. It took the combination of all three to be more appropriate for the scene I wanted to reveal. 

Not seeing the flaws in the initial running shot only created more work at the computer, but I felt the manipulation worked so there was no need for a re-shoot.


Face DEC_2640Face DEC_2640 The image to the right was used for facial expression only, while the one below was used for the direction of the eyes.

Devin for eyes DSC_2090Devin for eyes DSC_2090















Case DEC_8597Case DEC_8597




I photographed this hard camera case for the money case and placed it onto Devin's shoulder and also in my left hand. The floating money came from a stock free website, which is the only image that isn't mine.

Free Falling Money Template 3Free Falling Money Template 3












Dog Ride DEC_4925Dog Ride DEC_4925





This car (SUV) with the sad looking dog, observing everything that is taking place can be seen between Devin & I.






Busted DEC_1632Busted DEC_1632
Arrest DEC_4918Arrest DEC_4918






Police from two different states making arrests. The one to the far left was in Cincinnati, Oh  while the one to the right was in Covington, Ky.






Right behind one of the arrests being made, I placed a woman with her head in the garbage can holding a miniature American flag while she vomits. I do believe she was pregnant and had morning sickness. To her left I placed two little cute dogs that I call 'Mutt & Jeff'. Political Statement DEC_0631Political Statement DEC_0631

Mutt & Jeff DEC_1520Mutt & Jeff DEC_1520














Explorer cop car DEC_2663Explorer cop car DEC_2663




The Ford Explorer police cruiser was parked so I had to make adjustments to simulate movement and I also applied some red & blue color for the lights on top.




Noodle DSC_1251Noodle DSC_1251









Placed on the sidewalk slightly hidden behind the falling money near Devin's feet is one of our dogs, 'Noodle'










The simulated bank did not have a flag displayed on top, so I placed one there.
I also made my own bank sign embedded into the building.

Flag DSC_1307Flag DSC_1307 Bank signBank sign  
















After all elements had been placed in the proper places, I made adjustments to the color tone, contrast and placed shadows where needed. I also had to make sure all lighting conditions with each component matched the overall scene. These adjustments were just a select few of the many I did. If you have read and observed every detail in what was involved, I will leave it to each viewer to determine if my end result of 'The Getaway' was successful in appearing to be realistic, but fictitious. 



If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there.

Lewis Carroll

Other composite concepts can be found in the Digital Fine Art Gallery within this site.

Interested in a  digital fine art manipulation? Call or email for details and pricing.


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